Our Services

1 Full Time Physician
2.Emergency Medical And Surgery Facilities
3.Skin Dieases
4.Pathology Laboratory
5. Accident and fracture Care Center
6. Xray Center
7.Day Care Piles
8.Cosmatic Surgeries and Planning
9. Admit Facilities
10. Operation Theater Facilities
11.Endoscopy Facilities
12.Abortion and Delivery Facilities

Our Specality

Endoscopy and Gastroenterology
Skin Dieases

Our Doctors

1. Accident and fracture Care Center : Dr Anand
2.E/N/Throat(ENT) : Dr Amit
3.Piles Treatment : Dr Anand
4.Cosmatic Surgeries : Dr Anand
5.Gynaecology : Dr Chavan
6.Skin Dieases : Dr Jain
7.Orthopedics : Dr Ghate
8.Fever Clinic : Dr Chavan

Diagnostic Facilities

3.Pathology Check Up